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Easy days easy, hard days hard. Try these 200-metre intervals on one of your hard days, and modify the workout to your ability so that the end result is that tired, satisfied feeling.

Throwing something new into your speedwork routine will have a different training effect and even exercises your brain: new workouts can be initially uncomfortable, but the end result is worth it.

I get used to running the same 10K loop near my home over and over. I don’t have to think, and my feet take the route almost automatically. Having regular planned workout sessions to follow helps me switch things up and engage different muscles: I’m left with a sense of accomplishment after I complete a new, hard speedy session.

Throw this 200-metre workout into your week, adapt it to your fitness and experience level, and embrace the challenge of doing something hard.

Most outdoor tracks are 400m; some indoor tracks are 200m. You can run this on any track, or find a stretch of open road or trail.

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Warmup with 10 to 15 minutes easy running

8 to 10 x 200 metres at 3K pace, follow each fast 200m interval with 200m easy running

Accelerate to your 3K pace within the first 50m and then work on maintaining that speed until you reach the end.

Cool down with 10 minutes easy running

This is a great workout base to build on. Work on increasing the number of intervals until you can complete 20-25 of them; working on maintaining the same speed throughout.

Follow a speedwork day with a rest or easy running day; remember to fuel and hydrate well

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