4-H Unity hosts “U-Matter Festival” for mental health support and outreach

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — On July 21, 4-h Unity Endicott hosted its “U-Matter Fest”, a festival ran by youth and centered around mental health support and outreach.

The festival was entirely free to the public and dozens of booths were set up throughout the park with different family friendly activities.

12 News spoke with Asia Ambler the 4-H Unity program coordinator about the event and why students felt it was important to prioritize mental health.

“The team leaders during the school year realized after COVID-19, a lot of young people were struggling over mental health. A lot of people in their communities were struggling with mental health, and they wanted to do something to promote healthy mental health and wellness and different coping skills.”

4-H Unity spoke more on the event, saying how going outside and attending more public events can help relieve mental stress.

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