GTA 6 isn't expected anytime soon

GTA 6 Leak Brings Juicy Details About the New Map

Say what you want about Grand Theft Auto, but there’s no doubt that the next iteration of the game is one of the most anticipated releases of the decade.

Expected to land at some point in 2023, 2024, or even 2025, Grand Theft Auto VI, also referred to as GTA 6, is already in the works, with Rockstar barely sharing any information about the project.

A report that caught everybody’s attention a few days ago suggested that Grand Theft Auto VI would take place in a fictional Miami and its surrounding areas, with Rockstar apparently not interested in bringing the action to North and South America, as originally rumored.

Now new information has emerged on the map that will be available in GTA 6, with leakster Matheusvictorbr revealing on Twitter that the Caribbean islands will play a big role in this regard. In other words, Rockstar will possibly use the Caribbean for the creation of the map, but the leakster says the islands wouldn’t be part of the game in the open world.

As far as the dimensions of the map are concerned, everybody expects Rockstar to be aiming big this time. In other words, a map that’s as large as possible would perfectly make sense in GTA 6, and the leakster claims the parent company will draw inspiration from Red Dead Redemption 2 in this regard.

In other words, the GTA 6 map could be as big as the one in RDRII, they say – this isn’t the first time when we hear that Rockstar is using similar approaches as in RDR for the development of GTA 6, so there might be some truth behind these words.

The leakster has a mixed track on Rockstar scoops, so it goes without saying that everything should be taken with a healthy pinch of salt for now. Unless Rockstar confirms the information, GTA 6 remains a big mysterious title that’s still in the works.

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