Buzz: Hero’s ‘Private Exercises’ With Heroine

Buzz: Hero's 'Private Exercises' With Heroine

It is difficult for many film heroes to have a pleasant family life due to their busy schedules either with film shootings or otherwise. But many make it a rule to spend weekends with family members even during shootings.

When there are no shootings, some heroes keep themselves home locked with wife and kids. 

But there is a hero who set up their office, gym and bedroom to use throughout the week. Only on the weekends do they go to their respective homes. 

There is a talk that a hero is continuing to do exercises with a heroine in his personal office cum gym. There is a practical experience for many heroines that they won’t get chances to pair up with heroes unless they spend private time with them like this.

Now this actress who already bagged an offer beside this hero is looking out for another opportunity. 

Many in Tollywood know the habit of this hero to exercise with heroines.

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