City of Shreveport to make changes to retiree insurance policies

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – Both retired and current city employees made their voices heard at the City of Shreveport’s Healthcare Trust Fund Meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 17.

The City has this meeting every year, building healthcare plans for active and retired employees.

“The biggest thing that we want people to be aware of is that the goal is to bring savings to employees and the employer,” said Interim Chief Financial Officer Kasey Brown.

Some retirees expressed concern about how the potential changes could affect their insurance.

“We have concerns about costs and availability, keeping our physicians. So, it’s a hot item for us because a lot of firefighters and police officers have a long history of health conditions based on work-related issues,” said Mark Connella, retired Shreveport firefighter.

“I think it is unfair. I think it is turning their backs on city employees all for the sake of maybe saving a dime and we’re not going to stand for it,” said Bernie Piro, retired Shreveport firefighter.”

Brown said no plans are set in stone yet as far as what plans are going to be offered.

“Today was basically establishing what plans would be offered to active and retirees. Now we’ll move forward with the cost proposals.”

However, Connella says he wants more transparency from the board before final decisions are made.

“What we’re looking for is clear communication in what our choices are. Now we don’t have clear communication through written or spoken forms. This is one of the reasons why we showed up here in a large group of people just to provide a little more clarification,” he said.

There will be a special meeting held on Sept. 7, where leaders are expected to discuss cost proposal plans for next year.

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