Google Photos is getting a movie maker and upgraded video editor

Short-form video and quick-hit content are where it’s at these days and Google understands this massive shift in content consumption. In 2020, Google joined TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and others by giving creators the ability to create YouTube Shorts that feature vertical, short-form videos. One of the many powerful features of these platforms is the ability to create your content directly from the app without the need for an external video editing tool. That said, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could create custom videos with music and even title cards directly from Google Photos?

Soon, you’ll be able to do just that from your Chromebook.

In a Keyword post today, Google announced a slew of new features that are headed to ChromeOS over the next few months. At the top of the list is a new movie maker feature that’s coming to Google Photos in the fall. It will debut first on Chromebooks and will give users the ability to combine photos and videos with just a few, simple taps. Inside the editor, you will have access to pre-made templates or you can start from scratch to create short-form content for social media, longer videos for YouTube, or just throw together some beautiful video to better capture some of your favorite memories.

In addition to the editing tools already available in Google Photos, the new video editor adds new features for adding music and even title cards to make your videos really pop. When using a template, you can select the photos and videos you want and Google Photos will do the rest of the work for you.

Creating an end-to-end movie made up of multiple video clips, photos, a title card and music can come with a learning curve and take a lot of time. But Google Photos’ revamped movie creation tools help you make high-quality movies with just a few taps. You’ll be able to create beautiful movies from suggested themes, or put yourself in the director’s seat and start from scratch, right on your Chromebook.

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Preliminary Google Photos video editor UI. Subject to change

For more powerful video editing, Google is working diligently to bring LumaFusion to ChromeOS. This powerful editor will give Chromebook users access to professional tools such as transitions, distortions, sound effects, and even color grading. For many users, the Google Photos movie maker may be more than enough to create beautiful, shareable video content for a variety of use cases. We’ll keep an eye out for these new Google Photos tools that are slated to arrive on ChromeOS this fall.

Personally, I’m excited to see this heading to ChromeOS. LumaFusion is going to be awesome but I use online video editors for a number of projects and I don’t always need a full-blown video editor. Oftentimes, I just need to piece together some images or clips and add some music and a little text. It sounds as if this could be exactly what I’m looking for and I won’t have to use any third-party platforms to do so. ChromeOS for the win. You can learn more about what’s new and upcoming in ChromeOS on The Keyword.

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