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Apex Legends Season 14 Changes and Patch Notes – Apex Legends Wiki Guide – IGN

With the commencement of Apex Legend’s Season 14, there are a huge number of balance changes and new additions to keep you busy as you rank up.

From drastic map changes and the introduction of a brand new Legend to the return of some fan-favorite equipment, the page below is a comprehensive breakdown of everything new this season.


Apex Season 14 Release Date

The most important question of all: When is the new Season starting? Season 14 of Apex Legends begins on August 9th, 2022.

Be sure to complete as many tiers on the Season 13 Battle Pass prior to this date!

Apex Season 14 Map Changes

For those of you that are particularly tired of the height advantages available at Cage, the area is being lowered, with far less cover available. Broken Relay has been renamed Basin, and has had some buildings added to the location. There has also been an additional Skulltown area added between Salvage and Octane’s Gauntlet. Loot across King’s Canyon is being reworked/redistributed in general to mix up spots that some of you may have memorized. King’s Canyon map as a whole will now be referred to as “King’s Canyon Reforged”.

The land mass of the map overall has also been increased, along with some general visual upgrades, specifically focusing on a new sky box and lighting being redone across the entire map, so even familiar areas will have a relatively new coat of paint.

Apex Season 14 Battle Pass


It wouldn’t be a new season of Apex without a new Battle Pass. And we have an early look at some of the cosmetics available through the newly-released gameplay trailer. These include new Epic looks for Caustic, Wraith, Horizon, and the new Legend – Vantage. It’s also been confirmed that the final reward on the new Battle Pass is a reactive Triple Take skin.

Speaking of the new Legend…

Season 14 New Legend

The new Legend for this season is Vantage. Vantage is best with a sniper and has a bat named Echo that accompanies her.

Passive: Sniper Kit – When ADSing, you will see information about your enemy in your HUD. This includes which legend they are playing, how many members remain in their squad, the rarity of their body shield, and their distance from you.


Tactical: Echo Launch – You can order your Bat companion, Echo, to a specific location, then launch yourself to that same position.

Ultimate: Mark to Kill – Upon activating her Ultimate, Vantage uses her own sniper rifle that can scan enemies and provide a 15% damage boost to her entire squad when hitting enemies who’ve been scanned using Mark to Kill. Vantage herself also earns a progressive damage boost with successive hits on the same target.

Level Cap Increase

Those hardcore amongst you will be thrilled to hear that the Level Cap has increased with three new tiers of 1-500, more than enough to keep you busy. This is based on the Prestige system, where upon hitting level 500 you’ll return to level 1 and your level badge with gild. These three new tiers equate to 2000 levels, so get that grind on!

Apex Guardian Angel


When the Season 14 patch rolls in, Guardian Angel will no longer be a perk present on gold backpacks. It has instead been moved to gold knock shields, where it is replacing Resurrection (which has been removed from the game entirely). Gold backpacks now have the perk Deep Pockets, allowing players to stack one additional shield battery, med kit, and phoenix kit into each inventory slot.

Apex Skullpiercer

Rejoice! The Skullpiercer Rifling hop-up is returning in Season 14! For those who don’t recall, Skullpiercer boosted your weapon’s headshot multiplier, and it will have the added benefit of now also being compatible with the 30-30 Repeater.

General Weapon Changes

  • Laser Sights – A new barrel attachment for Pistols and SMGs, which significantly increase hip-fire accuracy. These laser sights can also be color customized, similar to reticle customization.
  • Spitfire – This weapon now takes light ammo/mags
  • Wingman – This weapon now takes sniper ammo/mags
  • EVA-8 – Not only can this weapon now take stocks and use double-tap hop-up, but it has an overall fire rate increase, that is boosted even more with Bolts.
  • Rampage LMG and Bocek Bow have been moved to Supply Drops.
  • Volt SMG and G7 Scout have moved back to being ground loot

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