Asmongold gets hit with World of Warcraft suspension

Twitch’s most popular MMO content creator Asmongold was among a wave of players today hit with a suspension in World of Warcraft for suspected real money transactions (RMT).

During a stream on his secondary Twitch channel today, Asmon denied any personal involvement in any sort of RMT associated with WoW, and talking with notable professional WoW players, he deduced that his suspension was likely due to him grouping up with other players who may have been involved in RMT.

“Obviously this was a completely unjustified suspension, no memes,” he said. “I have not RMT’d at all. This has not happened. I’m sure Blizzard will probably fix this soon, and if anything I should be saying, ‘Thank you Blizzard’ because I can use this as clickbait.”

Asmon went through a number of other social media posts by popular WoW players who were stuck with suspensions, many of whom claimed they did not take part in any RMT and were able to get their suspensions overturned.

According to Asmon, he was just made aware of his suspension a few hours ago and has not yet reached out to get it overturned. But he was quick to get ahead of any notion that he could be in favor of breaking Blizzard’s ToS by taking part in RMT.

“RMT is bad,” he said. “You shouldn’t RMT. Anyone who does get RMT’d should get in trouble.”

This isn’t the first time Asmongold has been punished by Blizzard. In 2020, his account was silenced, making it so that he couldn’t speak to other players or form groups. At the time, he wasn’t sure exactly what caused the disciplinary actions.

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