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Spider-Man Remastered Modder Banned For Removing Pride Flag

Another one of Sony’s big titles has launched on PC, allowing a whole new portion of players to enjoy what was previously a PlayStation exclusive, and providing PC modders with additional fodder. But a new mod for Spider-Man Remastered sparked outrage and even got the creator banned.

Marvel’s Spider-Man, which was remastered for PS5, is now available on the PC with goodies such as DLSS, ray-tracing, and ultra-wide screen support all included, while modders took next to no time in creating mods for it. One mod for the game however has been called out for its homophobia and toxic comments.

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Uploaded to Nexus Mods early today, the mod in question was called ‘Non-Newtonian New York’. This mod removes all the rainbow Pride flags from the game and replaces them with the Stars and Stripes.


The open world used by Spider-Man and Miles Morales is a marvellous recreation of NYC that is filled with Easter Eggs and details that keen-eyed explorers can discover, and which also includes touching tributes to the various communities that inhabit the great city. So players can find several Pride flags adorning town hall buildings throughout the map.

A modder going by the name Mike Hawk (har har) uploaded a mod that replaces the rainbow flags with the American flag. The mod page proceeded to quickly fill up with comments, with haters using the chance to vent homophobia alongside other useless witterings, while others pushed back and called out the homophobic mod.

It’s in stark contrast to the spirit of the Spider-Man games, with the protagonists calling out hate groups and being a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man to every person. Insomniac too has been vocal about supporting Pride Month and Black History Month celebrations, and the games celebrate the diversity of the city it’s based in.

The mod appeared online for less than 24 hours, however. Nexus Mods confirmed to We Got This Covered that the ‘Non-Newtonian New York’ mod has been removed, and that its creator’s account (as well as an alt account) have been banned. A spokesperson for the site said that the mod creator “is no longer welcome on Nexus”.

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