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Elden Ring Video Is Grim Reminder of How Dangerous Castle Sol Can Be for Newcomers

Some of the tricks enemies use in Elden Ring to gain an advantage can really catch new players off guard, including the soldiers of Castle Sol.

The enemies in Elden Ring can be incredibly difficult, especially for new players discovering the ways that mobs can change from location to location. However, a recent video has shown exactly how dangerous locations like Elden Ring‘s Castle Sol can be when players are unaware of exactly how the enemies in this optional dungeon can chase them.

This newest clip comes from Reddit user Fine_Muffin, who shared their experience as a new player in Castle Sol to the Elden Ring subreddit. The result has of course been to the delight of fans, many of which then shared their own experiences with the area and the spectral Banished Knights that make up the more difficult class of enemy there.


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In the clip, the player can be seen exploring across the rooftops of Castle Sol, traveling in relative safety as the nearest enemy is across a distant balcony. However, as soon as the player attempts to take advantage of this range with Elden Ring‘s Lightning Spear incantation, the situation immediately turns sour, as the spectral Banished Knight suddenly appears only a few feet away. This naturally leads to the player attempting to make some distance, at least to avoid the Banished Knight’s attacks, where they then fall down a hole into a room filled with rats. The fight doesn’t last much longer from there.

Commenters replying to the original post also share their own experiences of having these spectral Banished Knights suddenly teleport from across the area or offscreen to instantly pummel them into the ground. With how many players replied about these specific enemies causing countless deaths, it’s more understandable now that some players choose to skip Castle Sol in Elden Ring altogether with a few well-placed jumps. However, with two of Elden Ring‘s optional areas locked behind the castle, it’s likely to continue causing the deaths of new players at the hands of these Banished Knights.

For players still on their first playthrough of Elden Ring, Castle Sol takes place within an area where the difficulty makes a drastic spike leading up to the endgame. So, it’s more than likely that the location will be the cause of a number of late-game deaths, especially when players are forced to go up against the castle’s final boss Commander Niall. Still, seeing a player learn exactly how dangerous these late-game areas can be from clips like the one shared by Fine_Muffin can be plenty entertaining for fans that have also suffered at the hands of a few Banished Knights or even the sword-wielding eagles.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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