Six Hip and Glute Exercises to Keep Runners—And Everyone Else—on Their Feet

Running is essentially a balancing act. As we move from one foot to the other, the muscles around the pelvis, particularly the hips, glutes and core, must work to keep the body upright and stable, says Reggie Waller, a coach with USA Triathlon and founder of Waller Endurance Coaching in Phoenixville, Pa.

The glutes are a runner’s powerhouse, he says. Strong glutes not only generate speed, but also help keep the pelvis steady. Weak glutes lead to tight hip flexors, forcing other muscles, like the quads, to overcompensate. As a result, the knee will absorb more impact. When the glutes aren’t working correctly, it might affect our posture and lead to hip and lower-back pain. It also has an impact on a runner’s stride.

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