Thursday, August 4, 2022

Red Cross Beginning To Screen Blood Donors For Monkeypox

As monkeypox continues its relentless spread around the globe, organizations in the U.S. are taking steps to safeguard the nation’s blood supply. In addition to temperature checks that are part of standard health screens for prospective donors, the American Red Cross is now checking for the distinctive lesions that are a hallmark of the disease as part of routine arm examinations. And beginning in October, the Red Cross will require individuals who have been diagnosed with monkeypox or exposed to someone with a monkeypox infection to wait at least 21 days before giving blood. (Molteni, 8/3)

WHO: US Has Biggest Jump In Monkeypox Cases

In the last week of July, the United States saw the largest spike in cases, the WHO said. All told, 83 countries have reported 23,351 laboratory-confirmed cases. Together 10 countries account for 89% of the world’s cases, including the United States (5,175 cases), Spain (4,298), Germany (2,677), the United Kingdom (2,546), France (1,955), Brazil (1,369), the Netherlands (879), Canada (803), Portugal (633), and Italy (479). (Soucheray, 8/3)

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