“I have never been to a gym and I don’t use equipment to workout,” reveals Milind Soman – Times of India

Two days ahead of Milind Soman’s marathon run in Delhi, called Lifelong Fight Lazy Run, ETimes Lifestyle spoke exclusively to the actor about his fitness journey and how he wishes to inspire others to move and be fit. Milind who is among the fittest people in India calls himself ‘lazy’, “I am also lazy but I fight it every single day to remain fit.”

Talking about health and fitness, Milind shares that people don’t know the difference between the two. “People think fitness is about 6 packs, but it is not. Even when the concept of fitness wasn’t articulated, it was my life. I was trying to get better everyday at what I was doing. I realize today the foundation it set for me. It helped me understand my relationship with myself and with people around me, all came from being a competitive swimmer. Today I understand the importance of that. The calmness I get from it, my ability to perceive situations in a balanced way. That’s fitness. To see things positively, so you can move on in a better way. So it’s in the mind.”

Urging the importance of making your body and mind work together, Milind suggests, “Have a goal, have a priority and let everything in life lead you towards that. All of my life, peace of mind has been my priority, right from the age of 15. Maybe I broke up with someone at that time but since then every decision I have taken, has been with that thought. Will it impact my mind? I will not do anything that affects my peace of mind. This is my idea of fitness.”

“People start exercising when they are overweight. The reason I workout is because I know life is tough, every aspect of it is tough. You don’t know what is going to happen in life. But if you are fit – mentally, physically, emotionally – you will be able to deal with it easier. When you challenge yourself everyday, your mind and body gets used to the idea of challenge. So to do that, you need to fight your lazy self. The only thing I don’t like doing is waking up early. I cycle at 10 am in the morning.”

“I make sure I exercise everyday. People consider me really fit but I only exercise for 10-15 minutes everyday. Most people do not know this about me, I have never gone to the gym to have a workout routine. I don’t use equipment. I don’t even do 10-15 minutes in one time. I also break it through the day. If you exercise with your body weight, you begin to understand yourself better. Fight your lazy self and give yourself the time to work on yourself, so you can be a better person everyday.”

Talking about the Lazy Fit Run, Milind shared, “Last year, Lifelong Online and I launched ‘Fight Lazy’, a movement that’s very close to my heart. It’s where I wake up and fight my lazy self every day, and have fun whilst doing it. Now, we are excited about making it bigger and a whole lot more fun with the Fight Lazy 5KM run coupled with a set of fun games that will encourage people to incorporate strength training into their running lifestyle. This run is being held in multiple cities across India. I can’t wait to meet everyone, run and fight lazy together.”

The Lazy Fit Run with Milind Soman is to be held on Sunday, 31st July 2022 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi.

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