How You Can Participate With Colts, Kicking The Stigma For Mental Health Action Day On May 19

The Colts are taking part in the second annual Mental Health Action Day on May 19, a day which encourages and empowers people to take action and focus on mental wellness for themselves, their loved ones and community. Learn more about Mental Health Action Day by clicking here.

On Mental Health Action Day, more than 1,400 nonprofits, brands, public agencies and leaders around the world will come together to shift mental health culture from awareness to action. The Colts are taking action by hosting a service project at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on Thursday, with players, coaches and staff coming together to assemble “Find Your Anchor” boxes, which include resources for those who may be struggling – including a handwritten note from the person assembling the box. The boxes will be distributed to schools, community centers, libraries, mental health nonprofits and other locations and organizations on the front lines of mental health.

Those looking to support Mental Health Action Day on social media can use the hashtag #MentalHealthAction, and on TikTok can use #LetsTalkMentalHealth. Colts fans who own a Kicking The Stigma t-shirt are also encouraged to wear it for Mental Health Action Day.

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