Google Duo’s Meet-ification is starting for everyone

All users are now getting the heads-up about the app’s upcoming shift

There’s a big transition in the works right now, as Google takes its latest stab at “simplifying” its communication apps by merging Duo and Meet. The company went official with its plan back at the start of June, and about a month later we started seeing an early sign of this change, as an update to Duo started introducing some new functionality and expressly acknowledged the pending Meet re-branding. At the time, only a few people were seeing any of this, but with August now upon us, it appears that Duo users everywhere are being brought in on the change.


Fire up Duo, and you’ll now be greeted by the same card we first spotted three weeks ago, giving you a brief overview of the transition plans and offering links to learn more. Like we saw back then, the new call button has been simplified to just “New,” and tapping through presents you with fresh options for starting meetings or scheduling things in Calendar.

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Even with this change now appearing widely, Duo is still “Duo,” and we’ve probably got at least a couple months to go before Google’s ready to make its big final push, where the Duo app we know now will fully embrace Meet branding. There could still be plenty of other smaller tweaks along the way, refreshing the app’s interface like we see here, but for now we’re just looking at more of what we got a few weeks ago.

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