Chrome 104 Released With Region Capture Support, WebGL Canvas Color Management


Google has promoted Chrome 104 to stable today as their newest feature update to this leading, cross-platform web browser.

Chrome 104 adds support for region capture as part of self-captured video tracks typically for video conferencing purposes. This region capture is basically cropping the self-capture video track in order to remove some content around it before sharing it remotely. The region capture should be useful for video conferencing and web-based productivity/collaboration software.

Chrome 104 also adds new origin trials such as for shared element transitions and opt-out of credit card storage, updates to the speculation rules handling, additions to the multi-screen window placement interface, and various new APIs. WebGL Canvas Color Management has been added for allowing WebGL to set the color space when drawing a buffer and a color space when importing a texture.

Today’s Chrome 104 release also brings a number of security fixes, including seven high CVEs being addressed.

More details on Chrome 104 via the Chrome Releases blog and the feature changes via

Meanwhile being worked on for Chrome 105 next month are container queries, gesture scroll DOM events, Media Source Extensions (MSE) in DedicatedWorker contexts, opaque response blocking v0.1, and a number of developer API additions.

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