Man transforms body after being ‘fat-shamed and told too big to ride rollercoaster’

“I used a meal prep service so that I could have a basic understanding of putting meals together and portion sizes.” 

Looking back, Pete revealed his proudest moment: “For so long, I’ve really struggled with my weight. I remember sitting at work and saying to myself ‘Okay. I am going to get the body that I want when am 30.’

“To have achieved that, and to have done a photo shoot on top of that, is brilliant! I cannot believe all this hard work has paid off. 

“This is the biggest achievement in my life – to be able to say to myself ‘I’ve done it!’ No surgery. No faddy diets. Just simply following a plan and making it a daily habit. 

“Kylie has taught me to be motivated, disciplined, accountable, positive (even at times when I wasn’t) and, most of all, patient.”

He continued: “I can truly say am happy. Happy that I got here, and I know I can do it. Happy with all that have I learnt from my amazing trainer Kylie, and all the awesome team members at Ultimate Performance for their support! Kylie really pushed me and help me stay motivated, and reminded me of my ‘why’.

“I know that I’ll be picking at the small stuff, like not looking like someone else on social media or having what that other person has.

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