Rethink Behavioral Health Recognized as Top Customer Focused Solution

The leading behavioral and mental health technology company has been chosen as a Top Performer in the Mental Health Software category by its users on the Capterra software review platform. 

NEW YORK, August 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Capterra recently released its 2022 Mental Health Software Shortlist and gave Rethink Behavioral Health its top ranking based on customer reviews. The recognition comes as Rethink celebrates its user base growing to 30,000+ clinicians logging over 20MM clinical data points per year. These customers rely on Rethink’s all-in-one software solution to help them run and grow their practice, maintain and attract new clients, and retain employees while prioritizing their continued development.

Rethink Behavioral Health received a Capterra popularity score of 43/50, the highest in its category, and a rating score of 47/50, the equivalent of a 4.4-star review average. The popularity score is the relative popularity of the software based on web search trends and web presence, while the rating score reflects the reviews given to the software by its users on Capterra. With 40+ reviews on its profile celebrating the world-class customer service and product innovation users enjoy, Rethink stands apart from its competitors. Built to support the needs of clinicians with its full HIPAA-compliant data suite and the industry’s first evidence-based calculator for the recommended range of treatment prescription, users feel supported by a stable solution that continues to evolve to meet their needs.

“We are very excited to be recognized by our customers as the go-to solution for growing your practice, managing your operations, and investing in your people,” said Jamie Pagliaro, Executive Vice President & Chief Learning Officer at RethinkFirst. “Our efforts to innovate and shape the mental health software space have paid off in the dedication of our customer base who work alongside us to improve outcomes for children every day. We are thankful to them for this award, and we promise to keep showing up for them the way they do for us.”

The full Mental Health Software Shortlist can be found here.

About Rethink Behavioral Health

Rethink Behavioral Health provides ABA clinical tools, telehealth and parent portal, practice management and training products, billing software, and medical billing services. They work with startups, growing practices, and enterprises to provide their software products to businesses with a range of staff and patient sizes and different needs. The SaaS provider supports companies in growing their practices, improving outcomes, and improving operational efficiency.

About RethinkFirst

RethinkFirst is a global health technology company providing cloud-based treatment tools, training, and clinical support to employers, educators, and behavioral health professionals. Rethink’s award-winning solutions serve thousands of clients globally, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 100 and many of the country’s largest public-school systems and health plans. Each of Rethink’s award-winning solutions incorporates evidenced-based protocols, workflow automation, and advanced data analytics to drive meaningful clinical outcomes and improved performance for customers and the communities that they serve.

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