Plus-sized, weight loss journey, child, cheated on him, new look, exercise and surgery

Man posts new look without exercise & surgery after wife left him over being fat

  • A man who was formerly plus-size has taken to social media to show off his physical transformation
  • According to the man, his wife divorced him owing to his plus-size, leaving him to fend for their child alone
  • He then began working on himself after she dumped him and shed over 300 lbs without surgery and exercise

A divorcee has inspired netizens without his transformed look after being dumped by his wife because he was plus-size.

In a series of videos shared via his TikTok handle, the father of one gave a shocker that his wife rarely had intercourse while they were married because he was fat.

Plus-sized, weight loss journey, child, cheated on him, new look, exercise and surgery
The man began working on himself after being divorced by his wife.
Photo Credit: TikTok/@keaiwm24
Source: UGC

He also recalled how his then wife cheated on him with a guy when he weighed 530 pounds.

In a new video showing his new look, he wrote:

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“My ex-wife divorced me when I was 480lbs.

“She said she didn’t want her child to have a father like me.”

Determined, the man said he worked on himself and shed 200 pounds without surgery and exercise.

He is now open to helping plus-size folks shed weight with his method.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

Awooo said:

“It’s not hard to lose weight . Incorporate a workout plan either from the App Store or YouTube. Cut all snacks/sweets including soda. Add protein.”

lamexxfly said:

“Bless my brother , but i feel you should have done it when you had your family with you…. No joy in losing your family.. Bless.”

tally848 said:

“Don’t let anyone make u have to feel less than bcuz u gave her what she needed my ex n sis told me am skinny but I don’t mind I love me.”

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@glossy4life said:

“It’s great she left if not u might not hv had the courage to do this for yourself bc this ur present size is for u not her.”

miamymy said:

“Congrats…but i offen wonder y it take d worse things 2 bring out d best in us..glad u didnt give up on urself like she did..guess she’s sorry now.”

Lady who was plus-sized shares transformed new look

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady had shown off her new look from being pus-sized.

Dawn Elizabeth shared on Twitter two frames of herself; one old, the other her new look. In the first frame which is her old look, she was plus-sized. Surprisingly, her new look leaves no trace of someone that had so much weight.

Elizabeth’s hour-glass look got social media users gushing and wondering how she came about the amazing transformation. Sharing her secret in her YouTube vlog, the young lady revealed that she had always wanted to be incredible.


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