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10 reasons online mental health therapy has grown over the last decade

Female psychologist sitting in home office on video call with patient

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COVID-19 spurred the need for therapy to go remote

Young woman asking psychologist for advice online

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COVID-19 also worsened mental health for many

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Mental illness rates have increased in the last decade

Female psychotherapist taking notes during an online session

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Demand has increased for mental health treatment

Man at desk for online therapy session

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There is less stigma around mental health

Young man having online consultation with doctor

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Online mental health care can be more convenient

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Online health services are growing

Young man on medical videocall

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Insurers are offering expanded coverage for telehealth

Young female doctor with stethoscope on video call with a patient

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Video conferencing has become more mainstream

Male patient on conference video call with female doctor

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Internet connectivity has improved, particularly in rural areas

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