Health insurance costs may double for thousands of Valley residents – The Sun-Gazette Newspaper

More than 14,600 people have health insurance through Covered California in Tulare County and two-thirds of them have subsidized policies. On average, low income residents – an individual making $17,775-$32,200 per year or a family of four earning $36,570-$66,250 per year – in Tulare County pay just $44 per month in 2022 for a policy that would normally cost $686 per month. In July, Covered California announced a 6% increase in premiums statewide for 2023, including a 5.6% increase for enrollees living in Region 10, which includes Tulare County as well as San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced and Mariposa counties. The increase means local households will only pay an extra $2 per month if Congress votes to extend the subsidies. If not, low income residents will see their rates increase by 86%, an extra $40 per month, for a total of $86 per month on average after Jan. 1, 2023. About 8,700 Tulare County enrollees are living within 250% of the poverty line. More than half (57.4%) of those near the poverty line are Latino.

“Covered California stands ready to move mountains if Congress elects to extend the American Rescue Plan’s subsidies, but every single day matters,” Altman said. “The longer we go without a decision, the harder it will be to implement a new subsidy structure and avoid consumer confusion.”

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