Aventis Wellness Launches IBM AI-Powered Mental Wellness Mobile Chatbot – ALDO

The mobile app incorporates microlearning, daily journaling, and an AI-powered mental chatbot using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, amongst other features.

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, July 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aventis Wellness, one of Asia’s leading Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) providers, has announced the launch of its new AI-powered mental wellness mobile app, ALDO. Aventis Wellness aims to help employees deal with stress, depression, and anxiety with the help of its AI-powered “emotionally intelligent” chatbot, ALDO, which uses Solution-Focused Brief therapy. This AI-powered self-care mobile app is designed to support employees facing anxiety, stress, and other mental health-related issues.

The pandemic has placed great emphasis on the importance of employee wellbeing as many employees struggled with a myriad of mental health issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, burnout, and a sense of helplessness. To counter this, many organisations have increased their efforts on workplace mental health and wellness. ALDO is anonymous, secure, available 24/7, and, most importantly, easy to use. Users open up to ALDO in just a few messages. Aventis Wellness team of experienced and qualified therapists provides safe and non-judgmental counselling to clients through ALDO. For many of their clients, the app provides the perfect corporate mental wellness solution that caters to the full spectrum of mental wellbeing needs. ALDO can also be complementary to existing company benefits, including the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and workplace wellness initiatives.

Mr Samuel Teo, the General Manager, shared, ‘At Aventis Wellness, we are dedicated to offering safe and effective workplace counselling solutions to help companies combat workplace challenges. The launch of our AI-powered mental wellness chatbot is part of our continued effort to support companies seeking affordable and seamless onboarding of EAP and workplace counselling service’.

Through ALDO, employees can gain access to counselling anywhere, anytime, including evenings and weekends, using communication modes they are most comfortable with. Users can also gain access to microlearning courses on how to relieve stress and anxiety and manage conflict at work. Each microlearning module takes just 5 to 8 minutes to digest. ALDO also has an interesting journaling feature where users can pen down their daily thoughts and track their emotions over time. Over 80% of users say ALDO helps them feel better after just one session, and over 70% of users have engaged in more than three sessions.

Mr Jeremy Ho, EAP Specialist, added, ‘Aventis Wellness focuses on a holistic wellbeing space of the employee across the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. We believe in providing a safe and data-driven approach to managing employee wellbeing. We advocate results driven by therapy service utilisation rates, analytical reports, proper client-vendor communication, bespoke in-depth wellness talks and professional and efficient employee counselling that caters to all therapy formats.

Many large employers have some existing mental wellness programmes or Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in place. However, it is hard to tell if this is helping employees and even harder to tailor this to any specific concerns they may have. The launch of the AI Mental Wellness Chatbot offers a new dimension to Aventis Wellness’s existing suite of EAP and wellness services which include bespoke wellness training, lunch and learn talks, counselling through online chat, Zoom sessions, phone calls, and face-to-face counselling. With ALDO, employers can now provide seamless offline and online workplace counselling and support to their employees that are customised to their organisation’s needs. Monthly utilisation reports provide employers with a general overview of key concerns or issues whilst still providing employees with complete anonymity as they work through their issues.

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Healthy Minds, Healthy Workplaces. Aventis Wellness is one of Asia’s leading Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) providers. Aventis Wellness aims to provide seamless and professional mental wellness services to both individual and organisational clients. They focus on providing credible Employee Assistance Programme globally through clear communication, utilisation, and analytical studies to enhance a positive workplace wellbeing culture.

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