Intel (Xeon) W9-3495 is both the tongue twister and 56-core Sapphire Rapids HEDT CPU –

Intel Sapphire Rapids-X for workstation

A new processor has been discovered by InstLatX64 in boot logs. 

The name of this processor has not been seen before. Intel W9-3495 (is probably missing Xeon) is a Sapphire Rapids processor, most likely part of the X-series. The boot log appears to confirm that this SKU has 112 threads and as a result 56 cores.

The rumors about Intel dropping the Core-X series in favor of HEDT/Workstation series are now dated back to November last year. Intel would be releasing two workstation series, featuring both the 56-core high-end Ice Lake successor and the mainstream series possibly up to 36 cores as a successor to Cascade Lake. This leak would be a confirmation of the Xeon W9 series, supposedly this new line up high-end workstation CPUs.

Alleged Intel Sapphire Rapids-X CPU, Source:

The logs also confirm that this W9-3495 has both the AVX-512 and AMX instruction enabled, those should benefit Deep Learning algorithm training.

Intel has not confirmed its plans for HEDT Workstation series. The data-center Sapphire Rapids CPUs are now expected to be significantly delayed, possibly till next  year, which may suggest that processors such as W9-3495 may be delayed as well.

Source: via @InstLatX64

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