Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers

“NFL, how much f*****g money y’all make again?” – Fans blast league after ex-Packers player reveals they will no longer pay for his health insurance 

Former NFL player Brandon Bostick is going through a tough time presently. The former tight end for the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets revealed on social media that the NFL will no longer be paying for his health insurance.

The 33-year-old posted and wrote that he was sad that the league wasn’t covering him for health insurance anymore and that all former NFL players need coverage.

Sad day🥲My NFL Insurance is ending. Now I gotta pay for Coverage.We need Lifetime Insurance. We deserve it. ##nflpa #nfl

It does seem rather odd that the league, which is a billion dollar industry does not cover its players for life with health insurance. The MLB does this with its former players and it is hoped that the NFL will follow suit.

As expected, once fans saw Bostick’s post, there was huge outrage. Fans took aim at the league and pointed out that despite making so much money, it can’t continue to pay for the health insurance of a former player.

Many fans also demanded that NFL provide lifelong health insurance cover to the former players. Here are a collection of tweets by fans on this issue.

WARNING – Coarse language below.

interesting!! i think NFL players most definitely deserve lifetime insurance. too massive not to…

Multi-billion dollar growth company can’t pay for health insurance… disgusting…

I was today years old when I learned the NFL doesn’t provide health insurance for life for its former players. Something seems massively wrong about that.…

People’s minds are so warped. The amount of comments rebutting this is wild to me. NFL owners are BILLIONAIRES. Players deserve to be covered for life based off the amount of physical damage they take to keep these old white dudes rich…

Didn’t know this was a thing, guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Kind of messed up though IMO. Given everything players put their bodies through during their careers they should definitely have lifetime insurance from the league.…

@Bostick11 Just phrase this a bit differently. You don’t DESERVE this any more than anyone else. The NFL SHOULD do it because of the huge amount of money the league makes.

Bostick infamously known for NFL playoff fumble

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers

Brandon Bostick was only in the league for a short period of time. After being undrafted, Bostick found his way to the Green Bay Packers and it was there that, perhaps, the worst moment of his career came.

In the 2014 NFC Championship game, the Packers were leading Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks 19-14 with 2:09 left in the last quarter. The Seahawks had just scored and were clearly going to try for an onside kick, which they did.

Bostick was situated in front of Jordy Nelson, the team’s star receiver who had one of the best set of hands in the league. Nelson was clearly the player the Packers wanted to catch the ball and had he done so, it would have effectively ended the game.

NFC Championship January ’15 #tbtThe Seahawks found themselves down 19-7 late in the 4th quarter thanks to a 4th Russell Wilson interceptions but the then 3rd year QB turned it on the clutch leading 2 late TD drives (thanks to some help from Brandon Bostick) #Seahawks (1/4)

But for some reason, Bostick, who was in front of Nelson, decided to try and catch the onside kick, he fumbled it and the Seahawks recovered and we all know what happened next.

Aaron Rodgers was two minutes away from a Super Bowl appearance, only for Bostick to fumble the football and gift Seattle a chance to win, which they did.

The tight end would then go on to play for several teams including the Vikings and Cardinals in 2015 (practice squads) and then the New York Jets in 2016.

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